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Our Mission

When surveyed, the majority of Americans claim that they go out of their way to avoid convenience stores, largely due to the stereotype of the "run-down" or "seedy" gas stations that we find across the country. People largely feel unsafe at these places, and feel like they will only be able to get low quality products and services, while having to pay higher prices than they would at other stores. In 2022, there is nothing convenient about a convenience store!

SipStop's mission is to bring a 180° change to those feelings. We want to bring the "convenience" back to our community. We aim to build a market with a comfortable, safe, and homely ambiance that serves as the center of the community, and provides the products and services that the community values the most. We aim to offer the highest quality items at an affordable price, so you truly feel like not just doing your daily shopping here, but also sit down, relax and have some fresh, high quality coffee while you are here.

Locally-Owned, Minority-Owned

Growing up in Seattle, SipStop founder and owner Anup Sippy (yes, the pun is intended) was familiar with the experience of large coffee chains and large convenience store chains. Coming from an Indian immigrant family, he also grew up with the experience of going to smaller ethnic specialty stores to get the items that couldn't be found in "mainstream" stores. These stores always gave off a different sense of community, creating a safe space and bringing people of similar cultural backgrounds together. There were countless times when the family could take a trip for grocery shopping while also enjoying a meal and some chai together. So, why not share this sort of concept with the rest of the community?


In keeping with the community spirit, we strive to be inclusive and hire people from all backgrounds. We strongly believe that we can all learn from each other no matter who you are. The knowledge that we gain from one another can help us to continuously grow into a better place. If you are interested in working with us, please visit our careers page to look for opportunities.

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